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10 Best Things To Do in Canggu, Bali

10 Best Things To Do in Canggu, Bali

10 Best Things To Do in Canggu, Bali

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Who doesn’t know Canggu? One of the fantastic little town in Bali which is popular among surfers, young tourist, work-from-anywhere travelers, and digital nomads. As the hottest destination in this year,  Canggu hold on to a backpack laid-back town vibe where lush green rice fields are surrounding the fantastic restaurants, beach on the side, and loads of creative inspiration for who needs a new atmosphere.

Canggu has an endless activities and fun vibes that will fill your day from morning to midnight, starting with a breakfast in one of Canggu favorite restaurant, spend your afternoon in the pool bar, and end your day with beautiful sunset in Berawa Beach. Here is 10 things to do in Canggu that you can add to your Bali-Bucket-List:

Enjoy Beautiful Sunset in Berawa Beach

Some people say that the sunset at Berawa Beach is one of the best sunsets in Bali, and that is true. Along the coast lined with beach clubs and bars that provide drinks and coconut which is perfect for waiting and enjoying the sunset. Berawa beach is is also suitable for surfers, you can also relax, sit with friends, family or partner on the black sand.

Relax at The Pool Bar or Beach Bar

There’s nothing better than  lounging around the poolside and enjoying yourself under the sun. Don’t worry, Canggu offers lots of Pool Bars and Beach Bars for you to enjoy during the day. With a cocktail in the right hand, your favorite book in other hand, and the music plays perfectly perfect for your day. Finns Beach Club, La Brisa, Loop Pool Bar, and The Lawn Canggu are some you should visit!

Surfing in Canggu

Canggu is a famous beach town on the south-west coast of the island and currently, Canggu is one of the most popular places for surfing in Bali. With its accessible waves suitable for beginners as well as pros, the surf can definitely get a bit crowded, but that only goes to show what a great place it is. There are three well-known surf spots in Canggu: Echo Beach, Berawa Beach and Batu Balong Beach (at Old Man’s). If you are a beginner, you can find a surf coach and invite your friends for more fun.

Explore Canggu Rice Paddies

Canggu is indeed surrounded by paddy throughout your journey to get there, so it’s not difficult to walk along the paddy or just look around. The farmers will warmly welcome you, then maybe you can join them if you are interested. Either rent a bike or motorbike to get around since the areas are quite spread out.

Shopping Along Canggu Street

Not only restaurants, in Canggu also provides several shops for those of you who like shopping or looking at current fashion. While shopping in Canggu, you can expect to find a good number of international surf brand flagship stores near the popular surf breaks. Most of the shops around this coastal neighbourhood embrace the youthful Canggu surfing lifestyle. But don’t worry, there are many other shops with lots of collections too!

Stay Fit in Canggu Gym

Lots of culinary, but balance it with exercise! Stay fit in canggu by doing exercise is a best choice. Fitness, Crossfit halls, and Yoga Classes are extremely popular and most likely of a much higher quality than you are used to.

Eat At One Of Canggu’s Favorite Restaurants

There is no doubt, Canggu is famous for its delicious restaurants, as well as many choices of food. Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Vegan, and of course Indonesian, all top-class food experiences and you don’t get disappointed if you visit one of these restaurants in Canggu. Here are some recommendations from breakfast to dinner from us: Sa’Mesa, Baked, Milk & Madu, Shelter, and Mason Canggu.

Visit Tanah Lot Temple

Takes 20-30 minutes drive from Canggu, Pura Tanah Lot is one of those things you must do when you stay in Canggu. The Pura Tanah Lot Temple complex is a famous religious site located on top of a rock formation. Sunset at Tanah Lot is what made it such an iconic place for Bali while the sea turns to gold and the light shining on Tanah Lot is incredibly picturesque.

Horse Riding Through Canggu’s Landscapes

A tourist activity that you may rarely find is horse riding. You can take some horse riding classes and enjoy the sunset in Bali on horseback. What an amazing experience to do a different thing in Bali.

La Laguna Gypsy Market

Located at La Laguna Beach Club, this Gypsy Market has held 150 stalls selling organic and ecological products, live music played by bands, and all at one fantastic decorated location. Start from 4PM – 10PM, there are various products sold at this gypsy market such as ; Clothing, Accessories, Food, Herbs & Spices, Coffee, and so much more. Enjoying the sunset and the music playing, will end your beautiful day with a variety of Balinese product.

How to get to Canggu

It takes 20-30 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport to arrive at Canggu. There’s many ways to get there, you can book for a Airport Transfers or rentcar. . If you want to get around Bali in a simple and uncomplicated way, Go Traveling Asia Service is the solution.


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